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We provide end-to-end software development services, making your ideas happen.
From architecture & infrastructure design, through full-stack development to application maintenance and monitoring.
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Why us?

We understand you and your business

We take time and effort to fully understand your business, so that we not only deliver the software, but also are able to proactively propose solutions, anticipate potential problems, and indicate opportunities that we might see. We understand that developed software is supposed to support your business goals. We are happy to work with you so you can reach them.

We've got know-how and experience to deliver

We have years of experience and lots of projects behind us. We always take great care to choose the right technology and right skills to support all of our projects. Thanks to the experience we have, our projects get done quicker and better.

Scalability, high availability, fault-tolerance by default

Our solutions are built in the way that are easily scalable, highly available and fault tolerant from the day one. Your business is set to grow rapidly? So are our applications.

Our Services

We cover end-to-end software development process,
so you can focus on the end results and the quality of the product.

Architecture & Design

We design scalable and easily maintainable architectures, that are cost effective in operational stage. We always choose top edge technologies and tools to fit the purpose.


We deliver implementation projects fast and within the budget. We achieve that by following agile methodologies, using best practices and permanently optimizing the way we work.


We fully test our software before it goes to our clients. We run unit tests, integration tests, user interface tests and performance tests to make sure everything works as expected.


We iterate frequently and deploy our applications often, so that your business can quickly adapt to changing environment, arising needs and new circumstances.


We maintain and monitor your software to give you peace of mind that your application is always up and running. We're ITIL certified.

Software services

Web applications
Mobile applications
Enterprise applications
Application integration (EAI)
Data migration / ETL
Social applications
Real-time web applications
E-commerce platforms
Search engines
AI based applications
Big Data applications

Infrastructure services

Infrastructure design
On-site infrastructure setup
Cloud infrastructure setup
Infrastructure monitoring
Infrastructure maintenance
Performance tests

Management consulting & business services

Product and service design consulting
Business process design
Business process optimization

We use cutting edge technology

We work with cutting edge technology on a daily basis.
We choose the most adequate and most recent technology to fit the purpose of the project.

Here are some of the technologies that we use:

And more...

Our approach

We care a lot about communication and transparency of our work.
We work closely with clients on every stage of the project.
We use proven tools, methodologies and best practices to deliver world-class results.

Requirements & Planning

First we get familiar with your requirements and constraints. We analyze the infomation we obtain to plan the project and create high level design of the solution you are looking for.


We work according to agile/SCRUM methodology to develop results fast, and iterate for quality. We make weekly or biweekly demos of our work to make sure we're inline with expectations.

Communication & Reporting

We communicate with clients on constant basis. We keep clients updated every single day if needed. We are happy to review and demo our work at all times during the project.

Continous Improvement

We learn from every project we conclude. We analyze and summarize lessons learnt and apply them to every future project. That's how we get effective and that's why we deliver fast.

We gladly worked with:

Our values

Results. Matter.
We value our work by the end results we achieve.
To us, there is nothing more rewarding than a working product
used and appreciated by its users.
We love blank sheet of paper. And a pen.
This is where our job starts.
Smallest details. Matter.
We believe inner soul is at least as much important as the outer shell.
We strive to perfect not only outer interface of our products,
but also craft inner mechanisms in the way that are elegant, reliable and effective.
Because at the end it makes a difference.
Simplicity. Matters.
Simplicity requires time, effort and thought.
This is what makes the product easy to use and enjoyable.
We craft products that we would happily use ourselves.
Eagerness to innovate. Matters.
Innovation comes from passion
and eagerness to create uncreated.
This is what we love doing.

Work with us!

For enquiries contact:
Patryk Porębski
Visit us at:
Hilgrow Sp z o. o.
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00-640 Warsaw
TIN: PL 7010510574
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